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Tibetan bowls

I present to you the non-exhaustive list of the benefits of care, sound baths, with my Tibetan bowls:

A little history of their manufacture:
Tibetan bowls were made in Nepal during “full moon, clear sky”! They consist of 7 pure metals, “pure” is important, especially for therapy bowls, because the effectiveness of their use depends on the purity of the metals! Energetically, the fact that they are made during the full moon generates all the energy of the cosmos which is transmitted into the bowls. This gives them an incredible tone and the length of their sound!
The sound and vibrations of my instruments, take you to an immediate letting go, to a reconnection with yourself, your deep desires, a bubble of harmonization: pain, insomnia and all the different ailments decrease! I combine my gift of magnetism with the bowls for in-depth care, with respect for each and everyone. They work on the subtle level, the emotions, on the revelation of your deep Being!

The benefits for my clients who are:
– Sleep found
– A decrease in migraines
– Pains present in the body that disappear
– Mental letting go
– A decrease in skin problems
– An increase in fertility
– Cleansing the body, organs
– A better outlook on life when we’re at a loss for what to change!

Each individual is unique, so the benefits are unique and personal.